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The Bitter Drop is a long-form Interactive Fiction with features of CYOA and hypertext. Character interaction, relationships and romance have a prominent place. The player explores the story and the possibilities of the narrative through making choices on behalf of the narrator/POV character, gradually unravelling the mystery behind a city's sudden plunge into epidemic and decay.


A motley of misfits investigate a sinister conspiracy in the vibrant capital of a nation not unlike a hybrid of modern-day metropolises and St Petersburg in the early 20th Century. The story is told through the eyes of Lev/Lyubov Morgenshtern, a bigender horror writer and Yiddish mystic.

A chance encounter at a gay bar leads Lev/Lyubov to make the acquaintance of one Anzu Menelik, a necromancer-medic and courtier, who played a key role in a failed rebellion eight years previous. Together, they stumble on evidence that the czar's court has been compromised by eldritch forces—but following the leads will land them in far more trouble than either could anticipate.


  • "A hybrid of hypertext and CYOA text games, The Bitter Drop features annotations and asides that provide greater context to the story told."
  • "A lush, complex narrative with vibrant, fleshed out characters."
  • "Player actions are genuinely impactful: explore the potential of the narrative via making choices when playing as the protagonist, a failed rabbi, mystic and horror fiction writer."
  • "A narrative told from a unique perspective, with a heartfelt exploration of themes of disability, gender variance, queerness and cultural identity."
  • "A fantastic setting in the tradition of New Weird fiction."

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About Isak Grozny

An indie creator making Interactive Fiction.

Isak Grozny was born in the USSR. He now lives in Edinburgh, UK. Of mixed Russian, Tatar and Ashkenazi descent, he rediscovered his Jewish roots in the 2010s and started practising Judaism soon after. He is a transsexual, originally coming out as a man in 2010. He chooses to label himself as a gay man, and finds much to honour and be glad about in gay history and culture. His other interests include mythology, comparative religion, biology and storytelling.


Isak Grozny
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