Plague of Frog

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It’s Peysakh soon (well, in two weeks) — hence the title. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, I’ll probably relate the story in a future blog update, but right now I’m rather too zonked.

Anyway. Onto the actual reason for this blog post: an informal changelog.

As you can hopefully see, the site now has both a dark and a light mode, and an attached blog; I’ve fixed/updated the typesetting in many places, and added first/last links to the story pagination nav. The epigraph for Volume I has had a new quote added. I’ve also done some light copyediting on Chapter 000; aside from fixing typos, Nevskiy Prospekt (mentioned in

1-000-08) is now Vısotzkiy Prospekt.

The next story update has been delayed, and I’m starting to think that setting deadlines for myself is just jinxing me at this point. It ought to be up on Tuesday night at the latest, and I’ll leave the question of whose Tuesday night as an exercise to the reader.

A gite vukh, ale!

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